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Key Features

Vantech - More than a guarantee Windows 10 IoT Enterprise on i-VMS

Vantech - More than a guarantee Intelligent Vantech Management Software i-VMS 100B v4.0

Vantech - More than a guarantee Single Core Server for easy installation

Vantech - More than a guarantee Maximum real-time up to 64CH IP Cameras connections

Vantech - More than a guarantee Simultaneous All Channel Live Monitoring and Playback

Vantech - More than a guarantee Calendar / Event / Bookmark / Smart Search

Vantech - More than a guarantee RAID-0 / 1 / 5 / 6 and Hot-Swap Supported

Vantech - More than a guarantee Customize multiple displays by VGA, HDMI, DVI port and user defined screen

Vantech - More than a guarantee 8 /16 / 24 / 36 HDD Bay Support

Vantech - More than a guarantee Dual 500W / 800W / 1300W Power Supply



64 CH Intelligent Video Surveilance Recording Server VS-1664R

Dimensions 650mm(D) x 437.5mm(W) x 132mm(H)
Material 1.0mm SGCC Zinc-Coated Steel
HDD Bay 16 x 3.5” hot-swap SATA drive bays
Cooling Fan 3pcs 12038 fans
HDD Tray Anti-EMI design, compatible with 3.5” HDD
HDD Backplane RAID-0 / 1 / 5 / 6 and Hot-Swap Supported
Power Dual 800W Power Supply
Model Dimensions

Dimension: 650mm(D) x 437.5mm(W) x 132mm(H) VS-1664R


Vantech - More than a guarantee Smart Search feature filter objects by using different modes helps us find objects more accurately, faster and saves you a lot of money for the operation of the system

Vantech - More than a guarantee Synchronous search with multiple channels with different search modes

Vantech - More than a guarantee Search by events such as Abandoned, Removal, Smoke, Flame, People Collapsing.... (in total 17 features) help us filter and find exact objects

Vantech - More than a guarantee Search by object like:

* Object Classification : Person, Vehicle, Unknown

* Color of detected object: 10 color optional (max 6 colors can be selected at the same time)

Vantech - More than a guarantee Quick review mode with thumbnail view.

Vantech - More than a guarantee Automatically playback event videos when an alarm occurs.

Vantech - More than a guarantee Playback and export videos easily.

Vantech - More than a guarantee Playback by timeline and information check

Vantech - More than a guarantee Favorite Video supported

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